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SUGAR : TV — Young Adult Drama


In an attempt to solve their increasingly desperate financial situation, aspiring-rockstar Grace convinces her roommate, struggling actress Audrey, to join her on a hunt for the ultimate patron saint: a sugar daddy.  


CREATED BY: Paige Mobley and Cat Grieve 


WRITTEN BY: Cat Grieve


PRODUCED BY: Carroll Middelthon, Paige Mobley, Cat Grieve 

BROWNIE MARY : Mini Series Programming — Dark Comedy, Biopic


Amidst the fight for medicinal marijuana, one foul-mouthed old woman stands alone as she advocates for (and illegally medicates) our country’s most dejected population…no matter the cost..

WRITTEN BY: Nate Willey


PRODUCED BY: Carroll Middelthon and Paige Mobley 

DOMINA : Feature — Political Dystopian Thriller


A mother/daughter duo challenges the incumbent president of matriarchal Domina - a city ruled by a brutal caste system that favors childbearing women - and uncovers the dark heart of a society that idolizes birth.

CREATED BY: Paige Mobley 

WRITTEN BY: Caroline Hayes


PRODUCED BY: Eastend Entertainment



Set in 2003, THE UNTITLED PERIOD PROJECT is a coming of age story about three young women of differing ages who navigate their developing womanhood while coming to terms with the inevitable…their monthly period. 


CREATED BY: Eastend Entertainment

THE RE-DO : Feature — Rom-Com


When three best friends realize they're not getting the love they deserve, they make a pact to reconnect with the biggest "almosts" from their romantic pasts: a first love, an infatuation, and a friendship teetering on the verge of romance.

CREATED BY: Paige Mobley and Carroll Middelthon 

WRITTEN BY: Maggie Rose

PRODUCED BY: Eastend Entertainment

Lesbian Potential : TV — Coming-of-Age Comedy


LP is based on the true story of Shelly Carmichael, a recently divorced mother of two, who dives head first into her new-found freedom as a new member of the LGBTQ+ community.  


CREATED BY: Paige Mobley and Carroll Middelthon

PRODUCED BY: Eastend Entertainment

MOVIE PALACE 11: TV Sitcom— Comedy



Two best friends, Eduardo and George, face the egos and antics of their co-workers and customers at MoviePalace 11, a dying cinemaplex in Tuba, AZ.


CREATED BY: Paige Mobley & Evan Fonseca


WRITTEN BY: Evan Fonseca

PRODUCED BY: Eastend Entertainment, Cavalry Media

STARRING: Eduardo Franco, George Fornes, Paige Mobley

LEXI: Feature — Psychological Thriller


After arriving  in Los Angeles, Hannah is eager to find her place within the big city. At her job waiting tables, she meets a wealthy socialite, Lexi, who is more than eager to take Hannah under her wing. The two become close, but when their friendship seems like it might evolve into more, Lexi suddenly disappears, as if she never existed at all.  Desperate to find her, Hannah turns to the police. But all is not what it seems as Hannah’s account of their last night together uncovers more than just a missing persons report.

CREATED BY: Paige Mobley

PRODUCED BY: Eastend Entertainment


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