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IN BAD TASTE : TV — Adult Comedy


After putting an embarrassing turn on reality TV behind her, a talented young chef is suddenly forced back into the world of celebrity chefdom, face-to-face with the judge who humiliated her.

WRITTEN BY: Victoria Bata

STARRING: Sophie Skelton


PRODUCED BY: Eastend Entertainment, Maia Glikman

DOMINA : Feature — Political Dystopian Thriller


A mother/daughter duo challenges the incumbent president of matriarchal Domina - a city ruled by a brutal caste system that favors childbearing women - and uncovers the dark heart of a society that idolizes birth.

CREATED BY: Paige Mobley 

WRITTEN BY: Caroline Hayes


PRODUCED BY: Eastend Entertainment

THE RE-DO : Feature — Rom-Com


When three best friends realize they're not getting the love they deserve, they make a pact to reconnect with the biggest "almosts" from their romantic pasts: a first love, an infatuation, and a friendship teetering on the verge of romance.

CREATED BY: Paige Mobley and Carroll Middelthon 

WRITTEN BY: Maggie Rose

DIRECTOR: Daniella Eisman

STARRING: Emeraude Toubia, Nesta Cooper, Shelley Hennig

PRODUCED BY: Eastend Entertainment, Maia Glikman

Lesbian Potential : TV — Coming-of-Age Comedy


LP is based on the true story of Shelly Carmichael, a recently divorced mother of two, who dives head first into her new-found freedom as a new member of the LGBTQ+ community.  


CREATED BY: Paige Mobley and Carroll Middelthon

PRODUCED BY: Eastend Entertainment

SLAY ANYTHING: FEATURE — Black Comedy Thriller


Whip-smart college students Savannah and Mary Beth’s true crime podcast - “Slay Anything” - has gained the wrong kind of follower. A copycat killer is recreating their favorite unsolved murders, and each new victim gets closer and closer to the two of them. The intrepid podcasters must utilize all of their knowledge about serial killers to catch him… before they’re the next unsolved murder. 

DIRECTOR: Brea Grant ​

WRITTEN BY: Brian C. Baer

STORY BY: GJ Echternkamp

PRODUCED BY: Maia Glikman, Eastend Entertainment, Showdown Productions



In 1989, at the start of the Global AIDS Pandemic, Mary Rathbun stands alone as she advocates for (and illegally medicates) our country’s most dejected population…no matter the cost, and becomes lovingly nicknamed, “Brownie Mary."

DIRECTOR: Wendey Stanzley

WRITTEN BY: Nate Willey

PRODUCED BY: Eastend Entertainment, Maia Glikman

SUN DAMAGED: FEATURE — Psychological Thriller


Lorena is on the run from a troubled past, bussing tables at an upscale tropical resort, when she catches the eye of Marie, a beautiful, ruthlessly ambitious socialite.  Now, Lorena has a chance to escape her demons...and Marie has an accomplice for the perfect crime.  A female-driven thriller in the vein of BOUND or WILD THINGS.

WRITTEN BY: Chris Baldi & Suzuya Bobo

PRODUCED BY: Eastend Entertainment, Maia Glikman




A broadway hopeful becomes a viral meme and goes back home for the holidays to hide, but her past catches up to her. 

WRITTEN BY: Jake & Eva Casey

PRODUCED BY: Showdown Productions, Eastend Entertainment